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About Me

I am driven by the desire to shift the dynamics, constantly evolve and create impact.  I am an entrepreneur with expertise in the domains of learning & development, media, communication and education. I am a wellness enthusiast with a deep passion for learning, writing and travelling. I am inspired by nature and the indomitable human spirit.

My Belief

I believe that abundance is our true nature and life’s challenges are like waves beckoning us to surf.  Through personal development, we can unleash our potency to redefine circumstances and create magnificent, fulfilling lives driven by purpose and value.

My life is my Narrative

At the young age of 10 years, I was told that I would never amount to much. I was labelled a vernacular student as I was not fluent in English. Others wrote the narrative for me which i believed. It took me a while to realize that I have the power to shift the narrative. Eager to become the hero in my own life story, I quickly embarked on my journey of personal development to create the person I am today.

My Purpose

In my life’s journey, I have learnt to tap into the potent power of personal success and it is my life’s mission to enable those seeking to redefine circumstances with the right tools and mindset for transformation. Personal development is the gateway to success in all areas of our lives and I am an eager confidante, coach and mentor to those who choose to embark on this journey.
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Years of Experience & Expertise

Success Blue Print Course

Personal Success Blueprint

Are you eager for success? Do you often feel unfulfilled and incomplete?

Usually, success eludes us as we go around in a maze without a map to the destination. In fact, there is a clear and defined method to achieve success and blaze a trail to meet goals that are meaningful to you.

Join the Personal Success Blueprint Course. This course will guide and empower you to create a life of unleashed success, value, and purpose.

My Kaleidoscope

My Expertise

Let’s work together and make every moment a new opportunity to shift reality.

Coaching & Mentorship

If you are looking for personal or career growth and are excited about personal development, I will enable you with key insights which will drive you to break through your glass ceiling and redefine your life because personal development is all about changing the status quo in your personal and career goals.

Motivational Sessions

I specialise in speaking sessions that motivate, energise and drive action.  My sessions are deeply immersive, enjoyable and interactive as I utilise a variety of experiential tools that generate deep learning and shift perspectives.

Corporate Leadership Workshops

Over the past 15 years I have enabled corporate leaders and managers through specialised workshops in Leadership Communication, Presentation skills, Virtual Presence Mastery and Servant Leadership.  I have worked alongside senior leadership across the globe to add value to the corporate vision through Leadership potency.




Every participant found the session relevant, and came away with renewed enthusiasm. I am sure each one will benefit for years to come.
Mitalee V Patel
Chief - Content, UFO Movies
It was a beautiful and effective way of Learning with Fun. Looking forward to continue this journey of creating a series of success stories.
Yogesh Chavan
Human Resources Manager, CMT CC India
We are really touched with the versatility and wide spectrum of innovation and creativity delivered in the 2 days’ workshop on Dynamics of Leadership.
Samidha Kolhatkar
Marketing Communications Manager, Atlas Copco
The Personal Success Blueprint and Leadership sessions were very inspirational, energizing, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge.
Wiz Suparna Majumdar
Vice President - Human Resource, Wizcraft International Entertainment
Her Personal Success Blueprint course enabled me to look at my personal success with a different perspective and helped me grow as an Organisation leader
Niyati Vora
Branch Head – Wizcraft International Entertainment

I am driven to add value to your vision.
Let’s connect.

Certified Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker
Co-founder of Ice Global & Sukhoon. Director at Wizcraft MIME
NLP Master Practitioner & Holistic Wellness Evangelist

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